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Ordovician Life in Ohio One of the most notable elements in the state of Ohio are sea life fossils that existed during the Ordovician period. As is well recognized during this geologic period the Ohio was at the bottom of the ocean and its present day geological elements represent fossilized remains of this seafloor period.


This essay functions to consider the Ordovician sea life in the state of Ohio. In developing this examination it presents a brief investigation into the geological and general scientific elements related to the Ordovician period, and then investigates the sea life that existed during this time. Ordovician Background The Ordovician period is a categorical definition of a period in geologic history. It roughly covers the time between 488 and 443 million years ago and falls within the Paleozoic Era. The period itself was named after a Celtic tribe of the Ordovices and gained its definition in the 19th century. The period itself is recognized as starting during the Cambrian-Ordovician extinction events. In total the period lasted for approximately 44.6 million years and concluded with the onset of the Ordovician-Silurian extinction event, which distinguishes nearly 60% of marine genera (Moore, Teichert 1978). These dates and distinguishing elements represent slight estimations, as they shift occasionally with the discovery of new radiometric patterns; the exact time period differs as sources disagree over various data elements. Within the Ordovician period there are a great many subdivisions, as distinguished by the years in which they occurred. ...
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