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Research Paper example - Disaster rescue plan

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Research Paper
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Reasons for a multi-disciplinary response The need for more than one option in handling various forms of issues in the everyday happenings of life seem to have been justified to a very large extent by various sayings, proverbs, parables and adages…

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Disaster rescue plan

When more than one approach, strategy or disciple is adopted in handling a particular disaster incidence, we say a multi-disciplinary response has been adopted. According the Karimganj District Resource Inventory (2011), a “disaster is a sudden, calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, and destruction and devastation to life and property.” Indeed for a large, cargo plane to be on fire prior to its scheduled flight is less than a disaster, which like all other forms of disasters, need rapid and urgent management solutions. As the emergency manager my very first approach towards handling such an aircraft disaster would be to contact all needed resource personnel and agencies whose duties are related to disaster management and control. Even before thinking of who and who would be part of the people to be contacted, I would first have in mind the need to make the agencies and personnel multi-disciplinary. In other words, I would form a multi-disciplinary committee. The need for constituting a multi-disciplinary committee lies in the following reasons: firstly, this would provide me the opportunity to tap and enjoy the different expertise and specialization of all the different agencies and personnel who will be contacted. This is because aircraft disasters are caused by a couple of factors, which demand the expertise and knowledge of as many intellectuals as possible. ...
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