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Clinical Reflective Journal Clinical Reflective Journal Issues Encountered I was placed in the neurological floor at the University of Texas Medical Branch. During this experience I encountered two areas of focus. First, the physician discharged an African American female.


My perception of the situation is that the patient was not mentally competent. In these regards, her cognitive functioning has notable disabled she was not stable or mentally in control of her faculties. The patient also seemed confused. She was wearing a yellow risk fall bracelet, which is generally indicated of the aforementioned conditions. During the woman’s stay, the nursing staff and the physicians permitted the woman to exit the hospital unit a number of times. Later, the nursing staff encouraged the physician to discharge the patient because, from my perspective, it appeared they did not want to be burdened with the challenge of watching and managing her erratic behavior. It is my opinion that the patient should not have been permitted to exit the hospital unit because of her cognitive and physical instability. For the same reasons, I believe that it was wrong that the patient was discharged from the entire hospital. My fellow classmate was privy to the events that took place and she agreed with my assessment of the events. The second issue concerned a Caucasian male. This patient was leaving his hospital unit and it was clear that he demonstrated a significant risk of falling. Upon witnessing this, I offered to help the patient, however he rejected my offer of help. Instead, the patient chose to use his wheelchair. ...
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