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Willie Jones, a bus driver for the MTA, who was charged for the crime of aggravated result and sentenced for five years, versus the cost of sentencing him to five years on probation. COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS PRISON PROBATION Annual Operating Cost of Prisoner in NY $36,835 Annual Cost of Probationer in NY Prison $4,000 Construction Expenses for Prison Cell $259,807 Operating Expenses for Prison Cell $259,807 Operating Expenses for Prison Cell $577,702 Salaries of Jail Personnel $1,969,750 Medical Expense $219,735 Food Expense $ 66,618 Utilities $85,824 TOTAL EXPENSES $ 3,216,271 TOTAL EXPENSES $ 263,807 TOTAL X NO. OF YEARS (5) $16,081,355 TOTAL X NO. OF YEARS (5) $1,319,035 NET COST OF INCARCERATION $ 14,762,320 In the above given figure, the Net Cost of Incarceration to the Taxpayer for Imprisonment is far more costly than the expenses incurred for probation. Here, the average Annual Operating Cost of Prisoner in New York is $36,835 per prisoner per year. “This is based on the Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report of the U.S. Department of Justice, for 2001 State Prison Expenditures conducted in the year 2004” (Stephan, 2004). On the other hand, the Annual Operating Cost of Prisoner in New York is only $4,000 per probationer per year. ...Show more


This memorandum serves as a recommendation on the cost/benefit analysis comparing the expenses incurred for incarcerating of convicted accused Mr. …
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