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Every discipline has a distinct focus for the development of knowledge and this unique characteristic distinguishes that particular field from another. Nursing is not an exception and the knowledge that constitutes the profession makes it unique and enhances its organization to facilitate transfer of knowledge to the learners.


Nursing theories contribute an important part of the profession and according to Mary and Patricia (2008), nursing knowledge includes theories, philosophies, research and practice wisdom of the discipline. In the nursing profession, acquisition of this knowledge is essential for guiding practice (CN, 2011).
Nursing theory is a group of concepts, relationships, definitions and assumptions or propositions resulting from nursing models or other disciplines. The theory illustrates an intended and systematic view of phenomena through formulating particular interrelationships among the concepts, with objectives of describing, explaining, predicting and prescribing (Cowling, 2007). In this respect, knowledge structure in the nursing profession is studied in different headings, including nursing philosophies, conceptual models and grand theories, metaparadigm, nursing theories in addition to middle range theories and nursing theories. This paper discusses the main concepts across Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory and Faye Abdella theory of 21 nursing problems. .
Barrit (1973:49) defines a concept as the “mental idea that constitutes the basic elements of a theory”. Concepts and propositions constitute to conceptual models. ...
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