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Stem Cell Research Name Course/Instructor Stem cells in general are a topic of discussion for many. Some argue that stem cells and the research associated with stem cells is not necessary, unethical and a waste of time. Others argue that stem cells can be the cure for many cancers and diseases and are worth every risk.


After facts are viewed, an honest opinion can be formed. Viewing facts can involve going over pros and cons regarding stem cell research. What exactly are stem cells? Stem cells are known as “mother cells”, these mother cells can be classified into two different groups. The groups are separated into adult and fetal cells. The main factor that separates stem cells from other cells is their ability to rejuvenate and renew. (Arce, S., Mosqueda, M., Gaona, H., Mas, M., Cortes, M., & Rios, M. 2007) Since the cells are able to renew, it is obvious as to why these cells are of much importance and highly researched. Cells that are able to rejuvenate are said to be able to help cure many cancers, diseases and deformities. The use of stem cells can result in breakthrough medicines that scientist have been longing for. Stem cell research is very extensive and costly. The research is costly in ways other than funding. There are several different laws, religious, and bio ethical views that allow for stem cell research to be so controversial. When it comes to stem cell research, there are many ethical costs associated with stem cell research. The ethics associated with stem cell research allow for the research to be one of the most controversial types of research out there. This is especially so when dealing with embryonic stem cells. ...
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