Pressure Ulcer Prevention Using Skin Bundle - Research Paper Example

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Using Skin Bundle

Once the skin succumbs to bacteria or sustains injuries from friction and shear, healing takes longer because reduced flow of blood brings nutrients and removes wastes more slowly. Ischemia due to unrelieved pressure is usually observed in the elderly, malnourished patients, patients reduced to immobility because of their medical condition, fecal incontinence, and patients under less than conscious condition (Mauk 2009, p. 501). Pressure Ulcers: Incidence, Prevalence and Prevention In 2004, the National Home Survey reported that for every 10 residents in nursing homes all over the United States, 11% have succumbed to pressure ulcers with stage 2 pressure ulcer as the most common (see Fig. 2). Both whites and non-whites had equal percentage with the males edging the females at 13% and 10%, respectively (Park-Lee & Caffrey 2009). In 2007, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported some 257,412 preventable pressure ulcers as secondary diagnoses at cost averaging at $43,180 for every stay in the hospital. ...
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Running Head: PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION USING SKIN BUNDLE By Name Introduction Pressure ulcer, also known as bed sore, is a skin lesion that usually forms in the body of a patient who has been bedridden for a long time. It is officially defined by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel as a “localized injury to the skin or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear and/or friction” (cited Baranoski & Ayello 2008, p…
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