People in Jails with Mental Illness

People in Jails with Mental Illness Research Paper example
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Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date Mental Illness and the Justice System: Jailing Those who Suffer Instead of Providing Treatment Introduction Mental illness within the United States is a complicated problem that involves families, the medical profession, the legal system, and the individuals who suffer from serious mental afflictions.


Therefore, many times jail and prison end up being the housing for those who suffer from mental illness. The following research paper will discuss the nature of mental illness and the consequence of the justice system providing punishment where illness has impaired the perceptions of an individual to the point that they have become a problem for law enforcement. Criminal behavior is a social problem, but in some instances it is considered a medical problem. When an individual is behaving in such a way that reflects a medical problem rather than a social problem, the justice system must make decisions based upon intent, behavior, and recidivism. This position is difficult and places a system not medically oriented into making decisions about medical issues. The research will focus on the Miami-Dade County Jail. Methodology The methodology for this paper will be dependent upon a processed based approach. According to Lechner, “Process research deals primarily with the actions that lead to and support strategy” (8). Through examining how actions lead to strategy, the nature of the research is concerned with the micro level, “the behavior of individuals, groups, or other actors within the organization” (8). ...
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