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Interventions in the Treatment of Autism Introduction Autism is defined as a developmental disorder which adversely affects verbal and nonverbal communication, causing a detrimental influence on social interaction, on educational performance, and in relating to other people.


Autism is not one specific condition, but refers to a group of disorders with disparate underlying etiologies (Corbier, 2005). Hence, treatment for autism is multidimensional, including behavioral management, individualized education plan, medical treatment, psychoanalytic therapy, and rehabilitative therapeutic strategies, together with patience, faith and belief. Integrated treatment plans focus on preparing people with autism to live in their home community in the least restrictive environment (Hardman et al, 2007). Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the current treatments for children with autism, and determine their effectiveness. Behavioral Management as a Treatment Intervention in Autism Behavioral interventions aim to improve specific appropriate behaviors, or to lessen inappropriate behavior (Hardman et al, 2007). This approach is commonly considered to be the most effective in treating autism in children. A research study was conducted by Sallows and Graupner (2005) on twenty-four children with autism, aged between 24 to 42 months at the beginning of the study. They were randomly assigned to early intensive behavioral treatment, and to treatment involving intensive hours but less supervision by equally qualified supervisors. ...
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