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Global Warming and Its Effects on The Increase of Dengue Fever Global Warming and Its Effects on The Increase ofDengue Fever Global warming research has previously been focused upon predictions and theories of what could happen in the speculative future as the temperatures escalate.


I will compare and contrast disease growth within the last 50 years, with specific research targeted at dengue fever, its risks, the crucial population, its spread, its source, and the ramifications of global warming relative to the Americas. I will include sources from the CDC and current journals that advocate a plan of caution and concern regarding the global health crises that will result from global warming and the increase of dengue fever. I will conclude with an examination of the predictions versus the reality of global warming, climate change, and international health issues. Dengue fever is a disease that has historically affected Third World countries to a larger degree than the Americas. By and large, dengue fever has mainlyimpactedAfrica, killing approximately 1 million people annually (Gale, 2007). Dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes; the disease itself is rarely fatal. It is the after effects and the secondary complication that causes death. Hemorrhagic fever is the most severe complication, in patients that acquired DHF; death resulted in more than 30% of all cases (Kander, 2010). DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) causes shock, weakness due to blood loss, and eventually death due to loss of blood pressure. The disease itself can last two weeks or more, but the lasting weakness and pain may take months to recover. ...
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