the subject is leadership and the topic about che guevara

the subject is leadership and the topic about che guevara Research Paper example
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Leadership Che Guevara: The Person Worthy of Being Considered a Leader The following is a portrayal of the personality traits of a world famous Argentina born leader, Ernesto (Che) Guevara. The paper is inclusive of the values upon which the leader has survived over the years and evolved as a true leader.


The three personality traits of Che Guevara that will be discussed in this paper are selflessness, decisiveness and courage. The life history of the great leader will be searched and facts about his life that represent these traits will be reviewed for providing evidence that he possessed these three traits throughout his life. A noticeable characteristic of Che Guevara is that of selflessness. He possessed such acquaintance with his chosen life of working for the people that he sacrificed his personal privileges of leading a sophisticated lifestyle. He found out accidentally that according to the food rationing government scheme introduced in the year 1961, he was being provided with higher rations than other general people. On knowing this fact, he immediately cut off his extra rations that he was provided. Evidence of his selfless nature has even been found when it was observed that during certain periods of time he even refused to take the travelling allowances provided by the government for use in purposes related to official activities. In this regard, he refused to take the allocated petrol from the government for official purposes in taking his wife to the hospital. ...
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