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Child Abuse Abstract Child abuse and its severe consequences have adversely affected the growth of young generation. In the United States, the rate of child abuse has witnessed a gradual increase in recent years. Maltreatments towards children are many and varied and these have social, personal, educational, physical and mental impacts among the children.


The sample population for the proposed study consists of 50 children and their parents from Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Their socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic features and family backgrounds act as dependant and independent variables. The study seeks to derive its conclusions from the analysis of reviewed literature and survey reports. Introduction Increasing rate of child abuse cases creates severe problems among the authorities as well as the public and it has become a highly controversial issue in recent years. In the United States, studies prove that children continue to suffer from the hidden epidemic of growing abuse and negligence. Researchers such as Van der Kolk, Hopper and Crozier point out that as per the statistics of the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA),” an estimated 3,195,000 children were reported abused or neglected” in 1997 (Van der Kolk, Hopper & Crozier, 2001, p. 2). Studies also prove that neglect is the common form of child abuse reported in the United States. In an approximation, 52 percent of cases of child abuse stemmed from abandonment. Physical and sexual harassment follows in the second and third places respectively. Research professionals and experts have provided substantial evidence about the short and long term impact of child abuse on the society as well. ...
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