Antrax Epidemic in Sverdlovsk (Former Soviet Union) in 1979

Antrax Epidemic in Sverdlovsk (Former Soviet Union) in 1979 Research Paper example
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The Sverdlovsk Antrax Epidemic Name: University: Introduction On April 2, 1979, the Soviet city of Sverdlovsk, located approximately 850 miles east of Moscow, experienced an unusual outbreak of anthrax, which had an effect on 96 people and left not less than sixty-four dead.


The Soviet government alleged that intestinal anthrax from contaminated meat was the cause of these deaths, a story some prominent scientists from America found convincing. On the other hand, Carter administration officials alleged that an inadvertent anthrax spores’ release of from a suspected Soviet biological weapons facility situated in the city caused the outbreak (, 1995). Relying on information from CIA, the United States accused the Soviet Union of developing anthrax and using it as a weapon violating the 1972 Biological Weapons Treaty and disclosed their suspicions to the public. The CIA, which had satellite photographs of the military base of Sverdlovsk suggested that there was a laboratory facility in the military base. Soviet emigrants and dissidents had also heard about the death of people in the city’s southern part and ascribed these deaths to hazardous clouds emanating from the military base. The US therefore strongly believed that an explosion at Sverdlovsk’s main military base had spread lethal anthrax spores over the city, leading to the death of hundreds of people (Guillemin, 2002). ...
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