Role of circulating practitioner in and outside a theatre room.

Role of circulating practitioner in and outside a theatre room. Essay example
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A trained nurse in handling the theatre assistance services who works with the surgeon as well as the medical team in the operation theatre is a scrub nurse. They both provide support within and outside the theatre.


Through expertise in theatre issues surgeons go as far as seeking assistance from specific scrubs who are well conversant with the procedure to be undertaken hence its adept to train and be able to learn more while on practical theatre situation (Zatlin, 2005, p. 19).
This calls for a dedicated person to carry out the roles of circulating practitioner in a theatre. As a second year student, we are obliged to practically face the situation during internship to equip us with the relevant information and skills that shapes our focus and perception of what awaits us after the completion of the studies (Waldie, 2007, p. 39).
However, being an scrub does not enable an individual to be certain while handling instruments and disposables within the theatre, this could be confirmed through an incident that happened during a procedure when a scratch pad was misplaced within the theatre hall just to base all blames on me despite being innocent oblivious of the consequences that would follow should I be found guilty of an offence not committed (Wicker, 2010, p. 84).
I have to ensure that all the instruments brought to the theatre are sterilized and able to perform the procedure in accordance with the surgeons’ perception being a life saving procedure a lot of care should be taken in order to accomplish the procedure. This includes a confirmation that all the people within the theatre hall are putting on in accordance with the rules and codes of ethics in medics (Wicker, 2010, p. 87). ...
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