Affordable Care Act

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Dimensions of a legislation that can have an impact on masses are often intricate and far reaching especially, if the legislation addresses some primary necessity its impact and consequences are required to be watched even after its implementation to safeguard public interest


This memo will investigate the impact of ACA on Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI) and will specifically examine various aspects of the Act that can discourage large employers’ to offer healthcare coverage to their employees. This can ultimately result in reduced access and quality of the healthcare services and increased costs. ACA is a law of primary importance for the people of United States because it aims to address many long standing issues with our health insurance policies including the coverage of children on parental policy, cessation of ‘donut hole’ for seniors, elimination of lifetime dollar limit on coverage, free preventive care and many other provisions with an aim to cover every segment of the society to maximum possible limit of coverage, even the uninsured people with a program to extend access to insurance and more funds to states to help them in extending Medicare facilities to low-income seniors. In essence, the program is a tremendous effort to fill the gaps of insurance coverage while safeguarding the rights of stakeholders. Still, there are areas which required attention of the legislators to device some amendments in the program in order to ensure and extend its impact on access, cost and quality of health care services. ...
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