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Signature assignment - APA Code of Ethics - Research Paper Example

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This paper examines the writer's views and opinions about how ethics function after attaining some exposure in the field of psychology. It examines the core elements of the APA Code of Ethics and goes on to examine how ethics affects important elements of psychology practice…

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Signature assignment - APA Code of Ethics

After studying psychology for several years and getting some real life experience related to ethics, I have a conception of ethics in the practice of the psychologist from five distinct perspectives and facades.
First of all, I feel that generally, each psychologist needs to get a good understanding of ethics. One needs to be aware of why each ethical standard exists and the various units of the society that it affects. In my learning, I found out that there is the need to comprehend and be familiar with the motive for each ethical standard and what it seeks to attain. This means I a psychologist needs to get an broad and picturesque view of psychological ethics in practice. However, the extent to which a person must immerse himself into the APA ethics is still something that is not very clear to me and I am yet to understand that fully.
Secondly, there is the need for a practicing psychologist at every level to accept ethics fully. I have found that when you get to understand ethics, you need to accept it as authoritative and be willing to abide by it. I think this phase is essential because it enables a person to build a general allegiance to the body of rules in a holistic manner and then begin to make moves to abide by them. On the other hand, I find this to be very subjective and how a person might understand and perceive an ethic might be different from how another would perceive the same ethic. ...
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