Care of Patients with Dementia - Research Paper Example

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Care of Patients with Dementia

Environmental factors play a major role in the development of aggressive behaviour in a patient with dementia and contribute to distress and dissatisfaction. Nurses handling elderly patients must be aware of the fact that the environment of the hospital is new to the patient, the surrounding is filled with noise and the individual can feel uncomfortable in the surrounding (McCloskey, 2004).      The first and foremost step in appropriate management of patients with dementia in health care setting is identification of the disease process and careful assessment of the various factors in environment of the patient that contribute to stress. Identification of factors helps in the modification of future care whereas lack of understanding of these aspects leads to frustration, inappropriate care and stress not only for the patient but also for the nursing staff. It is due to such a lack of understanding that many physical restraints are employed in  handling dementia patients and these contribute to patient mortality and increased burden of work for the nurses (McCloskey, 2004). One of strategies to prevent distress due to physical restraints is adoption of alternatives to physical restraints (McCloskey, 2004). Some such alternatives include adoption of door knob covers instead of doors, employment of various electronic devices like wandering system, bed alarms, door alarms and electronic monitors to monitor the movements of the patient, change in the regimens of medication in such a way that they offer comfort to the patient. ...
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In the paper “Care of Patients with Dementia” the author analyzes current practices in the nursing care of patients with dementia, practice guidelines pertaining to care of this population, factors influencing the care of dementia patients and options pertaining to alternative modes of management.


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