Care of Patients with Dementia

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Care of Patients with Dementia Dementia is a haunting problem amongst elderly and they need long term care (Dewing, 2001) They can also get frequently get admitted to acute care settings for other health problems like fever, gastroenteritis and heart disease and thus, nurses and other health professionals who deal with elderly population, both in long term and acute care settings must possess an awareness of management of patients with dementia (Nolan and Tolson, 2000).


Currently, most of the practice is based on biomedical model (McCloskey, 2004). Due to rise in the elderly population and simultaneous increase in the number of patients suffering from dementia, research and practice of dementia patients is a necessity in order to meet the needs of the patients and their families affected by dementia. The purpose of this essay is to identify current practices in the nursing care of patients with dementia discuss best practice guidelines pertaining to care of this population, analyse factors influencing the care of dementia patients in clinical settings and evaluate various options pertaining to alternative modes of management. Gerdner, Buckwalter, and Reed (2002, p363) proposed that there are basically six types of stressors which have detrimental effects on patients with dementia and contribute to development of aggressive behaviours even in those with initial stages of dementia. These factors are environmental factors, excessive fatigue, caregiver factors, demands above and beyond functional capacity, variety of stimuli, physical stressors and perception of losses. ...
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