Non-Malignanat Palliative Care

Non-Malignanat Palliative Care Assignment example
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Running Head: PALLIATIVE CARE FOR NONMALIGNANT CONDITIONS Title: Palliative Care for Nonmalignant Conditions Name of the student Under the guidance of University APA format Date of submission: Word Count: Contents Page 1. Introduction- 3 2. Overview of the needs of people with non-malignant conditions for palliative care-3 3.


Introduction Certain incurable conditions like advanced malignancy and end-stage organ diseases are a challenge to health professionals like nurses for several reasons. Besides instituting treatments to manage their symptoms like pain, the nurses also need to take care of other aspects like emotional support, spiritual care and psychosocial interventions (Arolker and Johson, 2007). Patients who are in terminal stages of life need to be managed in a holistic manner keeping in mind the emotional distress they are going through. Such a care is known as palliative care. Extension of palliative care services to all patients, including those suffering from non-malignant conditions is a much discussed topic in many countries all over the world. Infact, there is a lot of pressure among health service circles for the provision of palliative care to patients based on their need rather than diagnosis. However, at the same time, there is paucity of practical skills and information as to how support must be provided to patients with non-malignant diseases (Cochrane et al, 2008). In this essay, a critical analysis of provision of palliative care services by those specialists providing palliative care for cancer patients will be done. 2. ...
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