Prisoner Torture

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Investigation of any crime or unlawful activity is a precursor to bring the guilty to the rule of law and deliver justice. Therefore, investigation plays a crucial role in detecting and deterring crimes and other unlawful activities from the society.


For criminal investigators dealing with cases such as homicide or terrorism plot, properly interacting with witnesses and suspects is essential to unearth the truth. Interrogating subjects like juvenile require special sensitivity. As a result, successful investigators must be resourceful and good in communication. They must be strong in ethics and compassionate. An investigation to uncover misuse of information by a chief executive of a company to buy shares (insider trading) is quite different from a case of suicide or homicide. Despite the fact that over the years, the field of investigation has branched into many specialized parts, the basic rules of good investigations and desired qualities of good investigators are universal for all categories of investigations. Any investigator is supposed to follow ethical means while pursuing investigation. If evidence is gathered from unethical means, then there is little, if any, justice that is delivered. Those signing for government service have to agree to abide by its code of conduct and ethics. ...
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