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Case #4: Propco, Inc. Question 11 Restructuring has many advantages and disadvantages. According to Michael Porter, “Corporate Strategy is what makes the corporate whole add up to more than the sum of its business unit parts”. Advantages of Restructuring.


Some of the repositioning programs used are mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures and demergers. It helps in running business operations effectively: Efficient strategy management by reorganizing business operations can guarantee a role in corporate market. Disadvantages of Restructuring. It can be a ploy: The biggest disadvantage of the restructuring process is that it can be a ploy of saving the company from bankruptcy or acquired by another firm to leverage the buyout by a private equity firm. Staff Retrenchment: It may result in staff cutting as some business segment is sold to another company. Question 12 Evaluating the effectiveness of Propco’s program for increasing diversity of its work force Propco’s program for increasing diversity of its workforce lacks density of devotion on the part of senior management. Racial discrimination has been institutionalized here. They are not giving enough opportunities to the blacks at higher levels. On the name of restructuring, maximum number of black workforce is being shown pink slip. The company is not benefitting from the multicultural advantage (Greenberg, 2009). ...
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