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Art and Creativity Safak Tulga English 102 Instructor Iklil Kaya Yildirim 6 July 2011 Art and Creativity 1.0 Introduction The current research in psychology has provided the society with enough data and information to reasonably conclude that art and creativity not only help in the development of brain capacity, but art could positively be considered to be the much necessary food for the brain (Goleman, 1996, p.


Though arts help in the development and refining of creativity, yet, creativity is not an ability whose usage is typically confined to the area of arts. Today, more than ever, people use creativity in every aspect of their life, be it personal, social, cultural, psychological or professional. Enabling people to express their deeply held beliefs and feelings is what lies at the core of all art forms. Humans do have a fundamental instinct to express themselves, and they feel really fulfilled when they are able to convey their feelings and beliefs to others with all the accompanying complexity and versatility (Tanner, 2003, p. 233). Here in lies the true importance of art and creativity. In that context, avenues for practicing art and creativity lie at the core of all efficient academic systems, effective organizations and successful economic models of growth and development. 2.0 Importance of Arts in Schools Arts and works of creativity constitute the most potent custodians of that which is most representative, long lasting and timeless in any culture. In that context art and creativity do have a pivotal role in the schools. ...
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