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Running Head: Nursing Nursing at Maternity Unite Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name In the age of technology and advancements, the concept of innovation and efficiency has been an increasingly popular phenomenon in both the production and service sector of the countries.


The maternity unit is concerned with performing the practices of postpartum, midwifery and the childbirths and its related services. For almost all the countries around the world, it has become a priority to deliver him high quality services regarding maternity and other departments. Job Description With the increasing revolution in the technology and the rising demands of healthcare sector has resulted into the formation of a suitable job description of nurses in this unit. When I was hired as a nurse in the maternity department of the facility, I was given a job description which included almost all those factors regarding the duties and responsibilities, which I think are essential for a nurse to perform. According to this, I was required to perform the quality nursing process with utmost safety and care. Proper nursing interventions had to be provided during the post and ante partum period, along with managing the cases of mid-trimester abortion and preparing the patients for LSCS gynecological surgeries. Standard precautions have to be taken while performing clinical practices and giving guidelines to the patients (Beyer & Holtzblatt, 1998). ...
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