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security management

At the national and other regional levels, there are also agencies and organization that are tasked with security management. Without missing words, the tasks of these security management organizations are tedious, cost involving and challenging. It is not surprising therefore that day in and out; there have been strategies and means of ensuring that the general running of security organizations is done at a relatively cost effective manner. Complexities and Liabilities associated with today’s security industry – The need to protect the security of the world has undoubtedly taken new trends today. Unlike years past, there were very little worries about terrorism and other forms of social violence against humanity. The absence of these social cankers left global and national security organizations with very little to work about other than protecting nations in times of war and against invasion by enemies (Koduah, 2001). However today, global and national security has taken very complex and dynamic trends. This is perhaps because security agencies have pretty much to worry about than in years past. Such complexities have also brought about untold cost and liability associated with the handling of security issues. There have also been new approaches to security management. ...
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Recognize and critically analyze the various forms of liability associated with the security management industry. Provide cost effective measures for architectural security design for facilities, airport security, and critical in fractures. Introduction Security is an issue that has and continues to gain prominence even at the global level…
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