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Name 5 July 2011 Assignment It is a very common phenomenon to watch people get intoxicated and still take on the wheels of their cars despite the kind of awareness that has been spread regarding the ill effects of drunk driving around the world. People are not bothered about violating traffic rules or getting caught by the police because they feel such petty matters can be sought out with a small amount of money.


In the United States of America, the leading cause of deaths for people under the age of 24 has been branded as motor vehicle wrecks due to drinking and driving. It has been estimated that one American life is lost every 20 minutes due to a drunk driver on the road, or even drinking and driving. (Gieck, D, Joseph, and David M Slagle ) The main thing that most traffic policemen check is the blood alcohol concentration of a driver on the road. If this turns out to be about 0.10 or more, then the driver is seven times more likely to be involved in a car accident than a driver who is completely sober at the time of driving. Most college students and young adults form the population that undergoes these traffic related fatalities with respect to heavy episodes of drinking. Thus, the concept of a free ride was started in a number of states within the United States. ...
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