The role of nursing leadership in hospital quality improvement

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Introduction: The recent era has witnessed a significant stress on quality improvement of hospitals. Even though this is not a novel concept, however, with the increasing pressure to participate and achieve the wide range of QI activities, the hospitals have to utilize all their resources in this regard.


2008). Chao (2007) demonstrated four main points in the role of nurses and nursing administrators in QI. These principles include, outline of QI programs at education level, approaches to implement performance improvement, barriers/challenges in progression of QI and indicators of success in these QI activities. This article focuses on the role of nursing administrators/managers in key quality improvement activities, factors or barriers affecting nursing manager’s involvement in hospital quality improvement activities and initiatives that can change the role of nursing managers in hospital quality improvement. The escalating demand of hospital quality improvement issues has serious implications on the role of nursing mangers and nurses. They are the largest deliverer of health care. Nursing executives are in particular well positioned to observe effective implementation of evidence based practice and work procedures that render support to professional nurses in delivery of care in health care institutions (Kelly, 2009). They affect the quality of care that patients receive during their hospital stay as they spend most of their time at patient's bedside. Nursing managers are vital in assessing the status and quality of health care services and efforts that lead to improvement of service processes of clients in a health care setting. ...
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