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Steps for Investment Strategy for Stock Market Table of Contents 1.Introduction 3 1.1.Thesis of the paper 3 2.Strategic steps in Investments in Stock Market 4 2.1.Internal Analysis and Development of Specific Objective 5 2.2.External analysis for Stock/Company selection 5 2.2.1.Macroeconomic Analysis 6 2.2.2.Data Collection 6 2.2.3.Fundamental Analysis 6 2.2.4.Technical Analysis 7 2.3.Estimation of Intrinsic Value and Buy-Hold-Sell Strategy 7 2.4.Framing of Strategic Portfolio (diversification) 8 2.5.Monitor and Manage Portfolio based on Market Condition 9 2.6.Pre-return and Post-return Evaluation 9 3.Conclusion 9 3.1.Suggestion 10 Reference 11 1.


The capital market is a crucial platform from where the companies issues shares and raises capital and on the other hand, the institutional and individual investors buy those stock in order to make higher return on their investments. It has been empirically proved that the return on stock been the higher that any other investments and on the hand, stock market is also very risky. Therefore, this market is very volatile and requires very efficient and effective strategies for making investments in stock market. The stock markets are highly uncertain and it is difficult to predict and therefore, the chances of loss is higher without proper investment plan (Ait-Sahalia and Hansen, 2009, p.619). 1.1. Thesis of the paper This paper will attempt to present an argumentative discussion on the investment strategy for a stock market. Due to its high volatility nature, many have argued against the stock investment by claiming it as a zero sum game (White, 2003, p.85). ...
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