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Topic is to be a catastrophic event of some kind

It is known to be the most devastating hurricane to strike in the history of the United States. It completely destroyed vast regions including New Orleans and Mississippi. It has been estimated that more than 1,700 people were killed and some thousands were found to be misplaced. Going by the records, Hurricane Katrina is regarded as the costliest storm because the damages caused by it were worth billions of dollars. The devastation brought about by Hurricane Katrina had maximum effect on the poor population. The storm exposed the abject poverty, political inefficiency and longstanding corruption in the southern states of USA. (Laforet, 2010) Factors that influenced Hurricane Katrina Scientists have proved that formation of tropical hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina is facilitated by the warming of waters of the oceans. Anthropogenic activities are responsible for global warming by way of massive emissions of dioxide of carbon, methane and other gases into the atmosphere. The scientists have estimated that huge loss of wetlands in the southeast of USA which is important for maintaining ecological balance is one factor that influenced the devastation caused the Hurricane Katrina. This loss of wetlands in New Orleans city was partly caused by man’s actions. When one of the dikes surrounding the city broke the city was left to remain submerged in the waters. ...
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Running Head: HURRICANE KATRINA Hurricane Katrina Hurricanes are tropical storms and are specifically known to occur in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. These storms have cyclonic wind circulation and are very destructive in nature…
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