The Ethical and Legal Issues Which Arise with Health Care

The Ethical and Legal Issues Which Arise with Health Care Essay example
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Introduction The ethical and legal issues which arise with health care, specifically in drastic situations, create different responses and questions of how to respond. By changing specific approaches in given environments, there is also the ability to change drastic situations that arise.


If different actions were taken, then Martin’s life would have not been as threatened and changes could have been made. The ethical and legal considerations were important to note; however, it is also important to recognize that the basis of this came from the organizational structure and the lack of understanding about the situation of the patient. This case study was chosen because of the several layers of complexities which arose. The ethical and legal issues in the particular study were of interest because it didn’t arise because of specific and expected changes made by one individual. Instead, there were break downs in communication and in the way the organizational procedures worked in the environment. This altered the capabilities that were associated with the patient and didn’t offer the best responses. The ethical and legal problems which arose included looking at the condition of the patient, believing a specific response should be given and failing to give the response that was best associated with the needs of the patient. The lack of following several procedures and organizational policies is of interest because this relates directly to ethical and legal ideologies; however, it is not necessarily an expected component with the organization. ...
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