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Running Head: RESPONDING TO SOCIETAL CHANGES: COMMUNITY POLICING Responding to Societal Changes: Community Policing [Name] [University] Responding to Societal Changes: Community Policing Introduction When reviewed from an analytical perspective the goals, "to serve and protect," become blurred the closer one scrutinizes the operation of law enforcement agencies (Byrne & Pease, 2008).


In essence, the same words, "to serve and protect," might be on many police departments' patrol cars, but interpretation is left wide open to the many analysts engaged in the field. Body Traditionally, police officers have been viewed as soldiers engaged in a war on crime. This view has had the detrimental effect of focusing on ineffective strategies for crime control while resulting in a major cause of police violence and civil rights violations. The "war model" inaccurately portrays a ‘search and destroy’ mentality to banish crime, disorder, and the scourge of drugs (Byrne & Pease, 2008). According to DeParis (2000) it does not help that many police departments continue to use a bureaucratic, closed-system approach in an ever-changing and intrusive external environment. Such an environment results in an unstable situation (p. 108). Nevertheless, noteworthy changes in the policing philosophy have resulted in the movement towards community policing. Many feel that this movement is the result of police that have not been accountable to the community, but have served status quo interests. ...
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