Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of pull-out vs classroom-based communication intervention

Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of pull-out vs classroom-based communication intervention Research Paper example
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[Type the document title] [Type the document subtitle] [Pick the date] [Type the company name] [Type the author name] I. ABSTRACT The issue of relative efficacy of pull out versus classroom based communication intervention has been controversial and subject to years of research and legal battles…


While on one hand the pull out intervention is capable of imparting specific and individualized attention to the individual, on the other hand the classroom based interventions facilitate the real world interactions and development of social skills. Depending on the nature of disability, resources available and social as well as cultural conditions, the relative efficacy of the two is reported to vary. The current research aims to provide a comprehensive review of evidences available for the comparative advantages and disadvantages of classroom based and pull-out communication interventions. PULL-OUT VS CLASSROOM-BASED COMMUNICATION INTERVENTION ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES II. Introduction Intervention for children with communication problems and special needs has been a controversial issue despite extensive researches and political and legal involvement. While on one hand is the intervention within the child’s classroom (classroom-based) on the other hand are the interventions following an outside the classroom or pull-out strategy. Compared to pull-out models, classroom models incorporate the concept of inclusive strategy. Inclusion refers to providing support services within the classroom or ‘push in’ in contrast to pull out. Inclusion has been strongly advocated for children with mild disabilities and also for children with severe disabilities in certain cases. ...
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