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[Professor’s Name] [Writer’s Name] [Course Title] [Date] Tattoos & Body Piercing Since the beginning of civilization, people have been involved in variety of practices and trends that have helped them in expressing themselves in more creative and innovative manners.


Some people who are against any notions of self-harm treat it as a vengeance and disregard its existence while those who are pro-freedom of expression accept it actually. What is more interesting is the analysis of the historical background of this trend and see how it evolved into its modern form. This paper will attempt to study this very transition, along with various arguments about the effects of tattoo and body piercing on the health of individuals and risks involved in the process. The first tattoo was located on Otzi in 1991 that was also famous as Iceman. Otzi belongs to 4000 B.C (Winkler, 56). and the fifty-eight tattoos found on his body seems to exist due to healing processes and are comprised of dots and lines, without any meaningful inferences. Tattooing in its early days was an extensively tedious process. Tools for tattooing comprised of wood, bones, and stones. Initially, tattoos denoted expression of tribal fraternity and values for instance, the Polynesian tattooing employ intricate geometrical patterns and designs. It is also used to express loyalty to worldly or divine lords as in Mexican culture where they inscribed their gods and idols in the tattoos. In South America, tribes tattooed their warriors to reaffirm their success in wars. ...
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