Mastectomy for Ductal Carcinoma insitu, impact on patient

Mastectomy for Ductal Carcinoma insitu, impact on patient Essay example
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Mastectomy for Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, Impact on Patient Course Name Student Name Introduction Diagnostic breast biopsy that confirms Ductal Carcinoma in Situ or DCIS diagnosis introduced two techniques of wire-location open surgery and directional vacuum-assisted biopsy with the goals to prevent local recurrence after completion of first treatment, and prevention of invasive breast cancer (Medifocus, 2011).


In fact, DCIS accounts for approximately 20% of all new breast cancer and precancerous condition diagnoses (Clause Stowe & Carter 2001). With or without treatment, DCIS patients have a very high survival rate; and, for most women diagnosed with DCIS, it is not considered to be a life-threatening condition. Mastectomy is the preferred, and most effective, treatment option for DCIS patients (Katz et al. 2010). However, there is currently very little research regarding how patients are actually affected by choosing mastectomy to treat DCIS; and, since the number of new DCIS diagnoses is continuing to increase, much more research is needed. DCIS, also called intraductal carcinoma, is a condition whereby the cancer cells develop in the milk ducts of the breast and have not moved out of the duct into any of the surrounding tissue (National Institute of Health 2009). As mentioned above, there is disagreement as to whether or not DCIS should be called cancer; and, some experts often refer to it as "stage zero breast cancer" ( Harris & Morrow 2009). ...
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