U.S. Health care System vs. Canada

U.S. Health care System vs. Canada Essay example
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Health care System vs. Canada
The U.S. system of health care is believed to be the most sophisticated and advanced in the world. Yet, in recent years health care in the United States has become a matter of top public concern.


health care. Recent advances in the Canadian system of health care can teach the United States a good lesson of economy and efficiency at a national scale.
The current state of literature provides abundant information about health care progress in the United States. According to Cunningham (2003), the history of U.S. health care dates back to the end of the 19th century, when acute infections, the lack of medical technologies and social organization urged the creation of a national system of health care. The U.S. health care emerged in response to broad health challenges in 19th century America. By contrast, the evolution of the health care system in Canada was a logical process initiated by the earliest policy developments and propositions in Saskatchewan (Boychuk, 2005). In both countries, the process of health care development was neither linear nor smooth (Boychuk, 2005; Cunningham, 2003). The two neighboring countries, Canada and the United States have created health care systems that are very distinct.
The American and Canadian systems of health care are equally different and alike. Advanced and sophisticated, both systems rely on the principles of efficiency and quality care. However, in distinction from the U.S., Canada pursues a rigid distinction between private and public health care. ...
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