The future of helthcare depends on the role of nurses

The future of helthcare depends on the role of nurses Research Paper example
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The Future of Healthcare depends on the role of Nurses Name Institution Nurses form the greatest number of medical practitioners in society. In order to improve health services, it is essential to ensure that the services offered by nurses and midwives are of the highest quality.


The United Nation targets to have a transformed health system by 2015. Nurses contribute to the emotional, psychological, physical, and social being of people seeking medical attention and the society. Strategies in the health sector run in hierarchy from the policy makers, to the practitioners and then to the public. Nurses and midwives are the last practitioners in the hierarchy and next to the patients. This position makes their role very critical. Whether health care will improve in society is dependent on the responsibility of all individuals in the hierarchy. However, nurses and midwives, being the majority and considering their position in the hierarchy, are the main determinants of the effects of change felt on the ground (Ogilvie and Sare, 2010). An analysis of the contribution of nurses to the future of health care is necessary. According to the global development goals set for achievement by 2015, there is a target to reduce child mortality, which is rampant in some regions of the world. Many of the strategies in place touch on the responsibility of nurses in provision of primary health care. The UN summit stipulated that the cause of most of these deaths was malaria, diarrhea, and malnutrition. The public needs education on how to handle these key causes of death of children under then age of five. ...
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