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Community Risk Assessment Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Community Risk Assessment Diagnosis Increased risk of criminal activity among Fortwood residents related to poverty, unemployment, and drug and alcohol use as demonstrated by a total of 15,001 annual crime incidence of Chattanooga, Tennessee (Neighborhood Scout, 2011, n.


In terms of educational status, only 7.84% of 116,000 population age 25 years and over or approximately 9,095 people graduate with a professional degree. The working population 16 years and over is 137, 451 with unemployment rate of 6.6% (9,071). The percentage of families and people whose income in the past 12 months is below the poverty level is 20.1% (n.p).People in Chattanooga, Tennessee are battling for drug addiction and alcoholism as national statistics revealed that out of 22.5 million Americans who needed help in alcohol and drug problems, only 3.8 million people received treatment (Drug Rehabs. Org, 2002, n.p.). Planning Phase Primary Prevention According to Healthy People 2020 Objective, primary prevention aims to increase the proportion of adolescents who perceived great risk associated with substance abuse such as the risk for increased criminal activity related to substance abuse. Primary prevention specifically targets 44.6% of adolescents who consume 5 or more alcoholic drinks at a single occasion or twice a week, 33.9% of adolescents smoking marijuana once per month, and 54.7% of adolescents using cocaine once per month. Secondary Prevention Secondary prevention is geared towards treatment. ...
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