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Literature Review on the Domain Biocultural Ecology of Mexicans Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact: Literature Review on the domain Biocultural Ecology of Mexicans Domains of biocultural ecology include physical, biological and physiological variations among ethnic and racial groups such as color and physical differences in body, genetics, and hereditary those affect the way drugs are metabolized by the body.


This literature review is a judgment of the health problems of the Mexicans, which is a major dilemma of the state. The most serious health problems which are identified in the state of Mexico are heart disease, intestinal disorder, cirrhosis, diabetes and malnutrition, infectious diseases such as AIDS and TB. The leading causes of death among the males are due to accidents, homicides and in the case of women, the major reason for the increase in the mortality rate is the heart disease, diabetes etc. TB is frequent among the adults of the state and maternal mortality is also frequent. Malaria and other diseases due to malnutrition occur in the rural areas. Heart diseases had become a leading cause for death in the Mexico since 1988. In Mexico AIDS is also the main cause for the increase in the death rate. The article “Health Care in Mexico” by Jose Marc Castro discuss that there are many health problems in Mexico because of the use of the pesticides. Most of the Mexicans are engaged in agricultural activities which result in the many diseases because of the use of the pesticides. ...
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