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Evidence-based analysis of the correlation between Schizophrenia and Cannabis addiction PART 1 INTRODUCTION During the practice of scientific medicine the established rules of evidentiary analysis must be applied with even more rigor, in the interest of preserving human life.


DEFINITIONS AND BRIEF IMPORTANCE OF CLINICAL PRACTICE The term evidence-based practice (EBP) or empirically-supported treatment (EST) refers to preferential use of mental and behavioral health interventions for which systematic empirical research has provided evidence of statistically significant effectiveness as treatments for specific problems. (Thomas & Pring, 2005) A way in which this benefits medicine would be in studying the effects of cannabis. This drug has been found to share commonality with schizophrenia. Immunology research has found common receptors located in in immune cells, spleen macrophages, to be specific. These have the ability to alter immune cell migration and cytokine-release within body tissues and in the brain, these receptors tend to be abnormal in schizophrenia patients. More findings that hint at a larger relationship between, not cannabis itself – but receptors it depends on, and a biological predisposition towards schizophrenia. Research such as this can bring nurses and medical technologists more fully into the treatment of psychiatric care. ...
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