Implications of Computerized Phyisician Order Entry will have on Nursing

Implications of Computerized Phyisician Order Entry will have on Nursing Essay example
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Running head: Implications of Computerized Physician Order Entry will have on Nursing Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor’s Name 1 Aug. 2011 Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Most people lose their lives due to medical errors in hospitals.


However, the cost of implementation is feared by many hospitals, making the rate of adoption of the process quite low. According to Bates et al. (1999) errors also result to injury or adverse drug event (ADE), resulting to extra work in the hospital. Surprisingly, some ADEs could result to death, with their costs resulting to approximately $2 billion in hospitals. Computerized order entry assists physicians to write orders online, and it ensures that the orders are eligible, complete, and unambiguous. The use of a computer assists physicians in suggesting the appropriate doses while ordering and displaying the necessary laboratory data. It also assists in screening orders for any allergies. As hospitals continue to seek quality care for their patients, health information technology is mostly used in the reduction of medical errors. CPOE is one of the tools used, with an aim of improving quality and safety in hospitals. Approximately 98,000 errors occur in hospitals each year and they result from poor handwriting and miscommunications among the physicians. Nevertheless, CPOE is a savior in such situations, as it requires the providers to type patient’s orders. The CPOE systems have capabilities of reducing the occurrence of harmful drug interactions. ...
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