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This essay analyses the research paper on resuscitation ‘Advanced Life support (ALS) competence: Victorian practices’ (Preston et al. 2009) in the light of the research guides regarding research practice and methodology by Bowling and Rees.


The article was chosen for its rigour and scientific form and the aim of this analysis is thus to assess the article by Preston et al. (2009) and how well they follow general research standards (posing and testing a hypothesis) and the use of (appropriate) methods. The analysis examines therefore the aim of Preston et al. (2009) and how well it is tested, whether it is properly contextualized in the relevant literature, whether the sample, research site or population are adequate and clearly defined and ethical questions have been considered and whether there is a thorough presentation of the results of the test (a RESULTS section). As part of the analysis the focus must also be on the conclusions and recommendations by Preston et al. and the relevance of the paper to advanced emergency care practice. The evaluation of Preston et al (2009) also notes in which sense the study under examination has tested the research question and whether limitations of the findings are acknowledged (Rees 2003). This essay analyses the work of Preston et al. (2009) and draws on external literary sources ) and the Resuscitation Council Guidelines (UK) 2010 when further clarification and referencing is be needed. After the analysis, it proceeds by framing the research paper in terms of its relevance to practice. The conclusions offered are a summary of the arguments in the essay ...
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