Promoting Health in the Community

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Running head: Promoting health in the community Promoting Health in the Community (Student’s Name) (Course code) (Professor’s name) (Date of Submission) Promoting Health in the Community Introduction Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders afflicting many people in the world.


Rates for attempted suicide related to depression register at a rate of 0.3% for men and 0.5% for women (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009). These statistics in Australia are alarming which incidentally reflect similar rates in the global scene. To address the problems of depression in the country, causes, risk factors, and prevention in the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels will be discussed to include strategies to overcome some barriers. Causes of depression Depression is caused by various factors. One is the cumulative negative life experiences such as violence, chronic poverty, divorce, and death (Burns, Andrews, & Szabo, 2002). In the same study, adversities experienced by individuals specifically in adolescents during their teen age years are identified as another cause. Teenagers with poor interpersonal skills and with negative thoughts result in peer relationship difficulties and in coping with family issues (Robinson, 2008). In addition, the individual’s cognitive qualities exert some influence into a person’s interpretation of negative life events. ...
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