Compare and Contrast the Ethic of Care and the Ethic of Justice? - Term Paper Example

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Compare and Contrast the Ethic of Care and the Ethic of Justice?

One simple thing associated with ethics of care is relationship. A person is considered to be a moral agent who has the capacity to love, show mercy, affection and more. In other words, the moral identity of a person is based on his ability to feel about his environment and be sensitive to the needs of others as part of the idea of what is morally right or wrong. In other words, an individual tries to adapt to its environment because of his capacity to feel and create relationship. Ethics of care is considered as virtue ethics. In other words, ethics of care values emotional involvement in dealing with the lives of others (Lauritzen, 2002). The point of ethics of care is to preserve or nurture relations in series of relationships and attend and respond to the needs of others (Gilligan, 1993). A very definite example of ethics of care is a deep compassion and willingness to support young women who were experiencing unwanted pregnancies and social condemnation (Allvin et al., 2007). Ethics of justice defined Individual autonomous choice and equality are what the ethics of justice primarily considers (French & Weis, 2000). As pointed out by French and Weis justice is a product of a certain culture. This means that human belief, experience and more are integral parts of the moral justice. ...
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Introduction This paper tries to compare and contrast the ethics of care and the ethics of justice. In line with this, the proponent tries to provide opinion emphasizing which between the above points is most appropriate for nursing. In my own opinion, ethics of care is more appropriate in nursing and the reasons are discussed below…
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