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Mitral Valve Prolapse and Treatment - Term Paper Example

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Mitral Valve Prolapse and Treatment

This is basically a heart problem where the mitral valve does not close properly. This paper shall discuss mitral valve prolapse, its causes, incidence, and risk factors, as well as interventions and treatment measures. This paper is being carried out in order to establish a clear and comprehensive understanding of the condition, its impact on the health, as well as related nursing interventions. Discussion Overview of the disease The mitral valve is the valve which ensures that blood on the left side of the heart flows in one direction (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2011). In effect, it prevents backflow of blood during heart contraction. Causes Mitral valve prolapse manifests when the mitral valve fails to close properly, thereby causing the back flow of blood during contraction. Mitral valve prolapse can be caused by a variety of things, mostly by physical changes in the valve (WebMD, 2011). Physical changes, including the thickening of the valve can cause the prolapse. The causes of these physical changes are not entirely known. It may also be genetically inherited by family members. Health issues which affect the mitral valve, connective tissue and heart muscles can also cause mitral valve prolapse, however, these are very rare. ...
In some instances, this prolapse can cause blood back flow. This is known as mitral regurgitation, and may sometimes require surgery and medical treatment (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2011). Mitral valves which have structural issues have an increased risk for bacterial infection. It is a condition which often impacts on thin women with minor chest deformities, scoliosis, or related disorders (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2011). Symptoms For most individuals with this disease, the effect is relatively minor; in effect, they can be asymptomatic. Nevertheless, some individuals have been known to manifest with shortness of breath, chest pains, and heart palpitations (WebMD, 2011). It is not however clear if these symptoms are attributed to mitral valve prolapse. Some patients may also experience symptoms related to heart failure, including shortness of breath, fluid build-up, and fatigue; and other patients may also manifest with arrhythmic symptoms, which includes lightheadedness and body weakness (WebMd, 2011). It is a considered a common valvular problem, impacting on about 2-6% of the population in the US. It usually leads to various complications, like infective endocarditis, sudden cardiac death, and cerebrovascular ischemic events (Thakkar, 2011). There is a need therefore to ensure the effective management of this disease. The following discussion sets forth current interventions in the diagnosis and treatment of mitral valve prolapse. Diagnosis According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (n.d), mitral valve prolapse is usually established by routine medical check-ups. In these routine tests, the physician may auscultate the heart for heart sounds. The stretched valve flaps may sometimes make a clicking sound when ...Show more


Running head: MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE Mitral Valve Prolapse (name) (school) (date) Mitral Valve Prolapse and Treatment Introduction Various health issues involve the heart. These conditions impact significantly on heart functions and interfere with the normal functions of the heart, including the delivery of oxygen…
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Mitral Valve Prolapse and Treatment essay example
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