Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Essay example
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Spiritual Healing in a Diverse Health Care Setting Introduction Spiritual healing may be seen as subjective in a very diverse setting including the health care environment. The differences in beliefs and practices of many people thrown together in one area or location have produced various results including indifference, non-participatory attitude even where one is required, and other negative attitudes.


This paper will try to explore through an interview of three nurses with different religious sects in order to understand differences and similarities in spiritual healing practices, as well as how to incorporate them despite the diversity of religious beliefs in the health care setting. (1) What is your spiritual perspective on healing? In an interview with a Sikh nurse, she shared that their soul unites with their god. They believe in reincarnation so that healing is not limited to the physical aspect, but more importantly, spiritual healing of which a dead body will reincarnate into a greater being once they have overcome the obstacles of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. They believe in meditating on the Waheguru or holy name, that they must be diligent and honest in their work, and share the fruit if their labor based on the principles of truth, equality, karma, freedom and justice. For the Buddhist nurse, spiritual healing meant a refuge in the triple gem of the Buddha or enlightened one, the teachings or Dharma, and the community or Sangha. They practice meditation and mindful of others and their environment through cultivation of higher wisdom and understanding. They also invoke their buddhas and bodhisatvas to achieve healing. ...
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