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Chronic Condition

ferrals the patient needs. The goals of this are established to ensure a thorough assessment of chronic diseases and their impact on patient’s physiology, as well as their psychology. Body End-stage renal disease, according to Patel (2009) is the “complete, or almost complete, failure of the kidneys to function. The kidneys can no longer remove wastes, concentrate urine, and regulate many other important body functions”. This disease can come about when the kidneys are no longer able to carry out their normal function. It is often seen with the kidneys functioning at less than 10% of normal functions (Patel, 2009). This disease is known to worsen within 10-20 years, before reaching end-stage levels. Patients at this stage require dialysis or a kidney transplant. Mostly, this disease is caused by diabetes and hypertension. ...
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Running head: End-stage renal disease End-stage Renal Disease (name) (school) (date) End-stage Renal Disease Introduction Chronic diseases are diseases which last for weeks or months at a time. Many of these diseases are terminal cases of cancer and others are long-term care illnesses which require prolonged and constant care and maintenance from various health professionals…
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