Nursing Case Review of 15 Year Old Girl

Nursing Case Review of 15 Year Old Girl  Essay example
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Running head: CASE REVIEW OF 15 YEAR OLD GIRL Case Review of 15-year-old Girl Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor’s Name 25 August 2011 Case Review of 15 year old Girl Introduction Sexual health is “a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity” (CDC, 2011).


Based on this information sexual health is a very broad subject that include information relating to ones own body and how its works, knowledge of the physical, emotional and social changes that take place during puberty, pregnancy, youth and ageing. Further, it includes the precautionary measures that are aimed at protecting sexuality of yourself and others, and measures that can be put in place when the safety is broke in instances such as unplanned pregnancy, rape, or sexually transmitted diseases. In essence, it will also entail information relating to responding to children’s sexual exploitations and behaviours to the level of understanding and maintaining safe and happy adult relationships (HealthInsite, 2011). Adolescence and sexual changes Sexual health is a life long part of human beings that accompany them from conception, birth, childhood, adolescence to adolescence. Adolescence is a period of life that is marked with the greatest sexual changes within the body of a person. It is marked by rapid numerous hormonal changes that transform the body of a girl into that of a woman and a boy into man. Thus, it is a transition period between the childhood and adulthood. ...
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