Literature review: Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnancy

 Literature review: Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnancy Essay example
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Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnancy Introduction Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy and in babies of vitamin D deficient mothers has been found in a number of populations, including isolated northern Canadian aboriginal people ( Scroth et al 2004). However, as Hollis and Wagner point out ( 2004), there has been relatively little research into this topic until recently.


. This paper will consider the scientific data available form various studies in order to determine why Vitamin D supplementation is so advantageous for the development of embryo and then fetus as well as the mother involved. The aim is to discuss and consider best practice according to both the patient’s medical history and after researching the best practice of supplementation of vitamin D according to the patient’s clinical records and available empirical studies. The paper will deal with an understanding of why it is important to treat women with vitamin D, its safety, efficacy and best practice regarding its safety, optimum levels of vitamin D level during pregnancy and the way in which the literature reflects this . Background In pregnancy each individual’s medical history should be taken carefully and clearly. Also various tests will need to be performed, and this should include checking levels of vitamin D using the 25 hydroxyvitamin D blood test ( Med Line Plus 2010) . After this a well prepared clinical plan can be followed, which includes the introduction of vitamin D to any vitamin D deficient women in pregnancy. ...
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