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Reducing and Managing stress

Relaxation can be provided to body and mind and it does not need extra time. Addition of extra hours in a day does not reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Even sleeping or being lazy excessively cannot reduce the level of stress. The best way to reduce stress and fresh up one’s body and mind is to increase the physical activities. The cheapest and easiest physical exercise is walking. it can be done any place any time. It even does not require machines or tools for exercising. Walking is far better than lying down on bed for a long time in order to get relaxed. It makes a person more dull, tired and stressed. This is because our body does not accept sedentary life style. It requires movement. Therefore, walking involves the movement of all parts of body and makes the body and mind fresh, active and happy. As, I myself am quite stressed these days, therefore, I intend to set up a plan to change my health behavior and achieve my goal within 4 weeks of time, starting from second week and ending up at the sixth week. Plan: My plan is to daily walk for a while twice a day. Early in the morning before going for work and then in the evening after coming back from work. I plan to start from few minutes of walking and day by day increase the time to walk. Goal: My body is not used to walk and perform physical activities. ...
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Reducing and Managing stress Customer Inserts His/ Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts (Customer Inserts Date) Stress and its reduction: Life is quite stressful nowadays. With increasing unemployment rates, responsibilities and many other things that keep a person always stressed out…
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