A Desire to Be Seen. Family Caregivers' Experiences of Their Caring Role in Palliative Home Care

A Desire to Be Seen. Family Caregivers
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The individual chosen for the paper is Mrs. James, Mr. James's husband (not his real name). Mr. James is a 70 year old gentile man that had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at a terminal stage.


Mr. James does not wish to be admitted in a hospital or a nursing home, which is why Mrs. James had agreed to look after him at their home. This condition had been discussed with the General Practitioner, the district nursing team and the palliative care team, who agreed to Mr. James' conditions and chose to support his wife. She took on the role as Mr. James' informal care giver voluntarily as she values the time that she has left with her husband. However, there were instances when Mr. James was feeling severely ill and his wife was uncertain as to what needs to be done to attend to her husband. She immediately contacted the GP, the district nursing team, and the palliative care team for support. In spite of the fact that Mrs. James cherished the moments that she was able to care for her husband, there were times that she felt powerless and helpless. Her husband's condition caused her emotional and psychological stress. After several days of caring for her husband, she started to question whether she made the correct decision. The team opted to advise Mrs. James to undergo a two day intensive palliative care course at the Dorothy House as a means for her to overcome her distress. She felt that she must be able to have a strong grip and command of her emotions so as not to show any signs of insecurity, fear and anger. Seeing his wife strong made a big difference on Mr. James' passing. ...
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