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Autobiography Name University Autobiography My name is Angela Gail Jordan Fitch, and I was born on the 29th of April in the year 1971. Ours is a family of six: my parents, me and my three, adorable and amazing, younger brothers. My parents’ names are Ronnie Douglas Jordan and Helen Gerldine Castle Jordan.


I got married to Paul Michael Fitch on the 23rd of March, 1991, and we are still happily married. In 1998 I was blessed with my first bundle of joy, Jason Michael Fitch. A lovely baby girl became a part of our family in 2004, and we named her Hannah LeAnn Fitch. My interest in nursing budded in my childhood, as my Grandmother Lucy Castle was the first person who encouraged and influenced me to pursue this profession. Whenever we used to spend time together, she made beautiful little red capes. She also made crafty paper nurses’ hats and I used to color them with a red cross. I spent my childhood playing in this nurse’s attire which increased my passion and urge to actually become a nurse. My grandmother also bought a doctor’s bag which she gave to me, labeled as a nurse’s bag. With these little gestures of hers, my grandmother was the first ever person who instilled the concept of the compassionate and humane profession of nursing within me. During my high school junior and senior years, Judy Herron was my health occupations teacher. She was one more person, after my grandmother, who had a major influential role in what I am today. She sensed my interest towards the nursing profession and she left no stone unturned in encouraging and helping me out whenever I needed help. ...
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